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Sold Single Industrial La Scala in Mass


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Ok, so I need to weed out a little of this collection.  I am going to start with the solo since it will be harder to sell compared to a pair of them.  I am asking $750 for the speaker.  This particular speaker has a K43 woofer, K77 with square magnet tweeter, a K55V with push terminals midrange driver, and a recapped Type AA crossover.  If someone if interested in buying 3 speakers, just let me know. 


These were hanging in a family fun center for the last 20-40 years (I really don't know how long they were there).  I have thoroughly cleaned all of these speakers, including removing the mid-range drivers and cleaning the horns with soap, water, and a microfiber cloth.  The dog house panels were removed, the woofer screws were tightened, the old gasket tape was removed and new closed cell gasket foam was installed, and then the panels were reinstalled.  I have recapped the crossovers using Dayton Audio Precision Grade capacitors to the original specs.  The old capacitors are in a labeled bag that matches the serial number of the speaker they came out of, as well as the crossover.

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4 minutes ago, billybob said:

Location and pic please...


I was adding pictures when you posted this.  I am located in Massachusetts, I did put it in the title, but I should have put it in the post too.

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6 hours ago, wstrickland1 said:

Not jumping the train rather trying to help. I have a single very similar to those that I probably never use. It's a +1 that would give someone 2 pair.

Where are you located? 

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15 hours ago, Morris Nix said:

How much for the 3 ? What have you done to the other two? Thanks

Sorry, just seeing this. For all 3 speakers, I would be asking $2500 obo. All 3 speakers have had the same exact treatment including recapping.

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