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On 9/26/2021 at 3:45 PM, YK Thom said:

It takes a bit of noodling around to get things perfect. 1' can make a difference. A big woofer and large passive radiator means you don't need to rush out for a new sub anytime soon - if ever, depending on how you listen. Too bad there isn't a Blue Bomber game on this afternoon, your day would be complete!

so, this might be a really dumb question. But if my integrated has 120 watt per channel is that vor 2 channels? Or do all 4 like the two A channels AND the two B channels get 120 each?

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9 minutes ago, YK Thom said:

Each has 120. Your Quartets are quite efficient, (97.5 db). You won't be using anywhere near that much juice before you get blown out of the room..

I noticed ;)

But knowing me, I probably want to experiment adding the little bookshelf speakers I used before over the B channels. Because they did sound pretty decent but didn’t have any oomph. Or would that ruin the soundstage? I suppose I could just try it and see what happens. 

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1 hour ago, YK Thom said:

You could try it, although I doubt it will be a value add. I hope you have been enjoying them.

Oh man, they are so clear and crisp! Was playing with my sub settings today and got it pretty much figured out. I think I’ll get stand for the quartets tho, at least to tilt them back a little. But that’s for later.

But yea, these things go really well with my amp and I’ll hang on to them for a very long time

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