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Honey, I shrunk the stereo.

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I bought a new amp to replace a nice tube amp that I had been running with my Fortes. Now I have knick-knacks that are larger than my  entire system.

Don't laugh, this stuff sounds amazingly good. The detail in the highs, the clarity and presence in the midrange, the punchiness of  bass while maintaining

tone and timbre.  I swapped out all my amps in three systems for class d chip amps using the Infineon Merus MA12070p chip. It runs counter intuitive, almost like

taking a step backwards to go forward.  It's cheap, it doesn't impress anyone but it sounds so good.


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I've read about different chips have come along in the past couple of years. From what I've read they're pretty impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing more products that incorporate them.


What make are the amps you bought? \specs?

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The one pictured is the new Topping PA3s, there is a review on the ASR forum with specs and measurements. I also have the Sabaj A10a and A20a they sound very good with my Heresy ones and threes. Just Google around. There's fair amount of info and positive reviews out there.

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I love minimalist systems, with big sound.  Have a couple of pieces I first read about on ASR.    I'm a fan of the ASR site as well.   You didn't waste any time, his review came out not too long ago.   I used to have the Sonic Impact T-amp and  also the Super version.   They were quite good and it was the end of my tube amp days. 

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Hope this is not viewed as high jacking or thread crapping, but I came to a point here recently that I wanted an interim small system as I devise a plan to deal with some of my other amps.


The raspberry I was using with larger components so it stayed in place.  It has a Allo Digione feeding a Khadas ToneBoard I just got, which I have been curious about, and an Aiyima A07, which runs off the TPA3255 chip.  I put the roku remote for scale.


This sounds really good on a set of RB-75s



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I like your minimalist approach. Simple but effective.

The AO7 is a very very nice sounding amp. I had one for about a month but returned it because it did not play well with my sub. I exchanged it for a Sabaj A10a which has a proper sub-out.

Kinda wish I had kept it just to have it in reserve though. 

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