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klipsch cinema 1200 what problems, software flaws, glitches?


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On 1/12/2022 at 8:02 PM, Remmis said:

Anyone have any suggestions outside of returning it?


I see that you also asked the same question in the Cinema 1200 soundbar thread. Most communities frown on members double posting. It's bad enough that there are multiple Cinema 1200 threads but things can get really confusing when when answers to a specific question are spread across multiple threads. Just pick an existing thread or start a new one. 


Okay, I won't suggest returning it! Check out my other post here where I have tried to provide some additional perspective.

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My Cinema 800 experiences these same issues.
Check out the links I have provided here. There are many more subtle issues affecting these soundbars that you may only notice once someone else has pointed them out.
Thanks, I'll read them.

Having owned since August 2021 (I pre-ordered in July 2021 at pre-launch price point and received a month later), I was one of the first in the U.S. to get the Cinema 1200. Luckily I pre-ordered from preferred partner Audio Advice. They and Crutchfield were the only retailers for MONTHS to have any stock.

There's a another forum I won't mention but you can probably guess, where there's a running Cinema 1200 thread going since August 2020 -- a full year before release.

Discussing, anticipating, deciding... Then when actually released, more discussion and pictures. What kind of speaker stands are best, etc. As well as any problems, of course.

Bottom line is, I love the sound. I love the power. I keep my 12" sub on +2. I plan on keeping my Klipsch Cinema 1200.

But the intermittent issue with the no audio (especially the muting/un-muting bug) is irritating.

I also should not have to use USB drive for a 45-minute session to update the firmware. But luckily while procrastinating doing that is when eager beavers started reporting the new firmware breaks the remote control functionality for rear Atmos speakers adjustment.

The only reason I upgraded from my previous Sony 1000 watt 5.1 sound system (with wireless rear speakers) to this Klipsch 1200 watt 5.1.4 soundbar system (with all wireless speakers) was because of Dolby Atmos. (And this Klipsch was the only soundbar system with more power than my Sony system, not less.) So I'm certainly not going to install firmware which negates the only reason that I bought this.

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