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1967 (ish) Klipsch La Scala's For Sale ("$3K to $5K") - Opening Bid of $2,600 - Grateful Dead's First System, Lots of McIntosh, etc.

Travis In Austin

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So, would these be viewed as 'Grateful Dead' speakers......or 'Hell's Angels' speakers?


In either case, they are probably full of interesting stories.....  but I never got into either group too much....  so for me, it's a "meh"



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On 10/7/2021 at 12:39 PM, dwilawyer said:

A friend at Klipsch sent me this. Here is the listing for the La Scala Speakers. 









Property of Steve Parish


[Hells Angels] 

Party stereo system from the Hell’s Angels, a gift from the Grateful Dead to the Club


Lot includes: Sansui 4 channel 130 watt receiver in wooden case. — 2 Klipsch La ScalasSpeakers, painted black, with Grateful Dead spray painted in green, “Support Your Local Hells Angels” sticker, handles on sides. — 2 Hard Truckers D140 Speaker Cabinets, wood, birch plywood, heavy aluminum brackets, one with “Support Your Local Hells Angels” sticker and “Dead” in felt-tip on back.


A gift from from Jerry’s mom, including the earliest Grateful Dead speakers, later given by the band to the Hells Angels Clubhouse


"Big" Steve Parish: The Klipsch speakers were purchased by Jerry’s mother for the first small PA used by the Grateful Dead, 1966/67, then stored in our warehouse until the early 70’s , when Jerry asked us, as a gesture of friendship, to gift them to the Richmond Hells Angels for a music system for their clubhouse. The 2 black Kllipsch plus the mid range speakers that the crew built and powered by the Sansui amp were used at the Richmond clubhouse from 1973 to 2019. We present this historical small PA with a great history.”


The present was the party sound system for the Hells Angels in their Richmond, CA, clubhouse for years, and contains what is likely the earliest surviving Grateful Dead speakers.


Other lots in this Auction have Owl's amps, McIntosh amps apparently from the Wall of Sound, etc. 





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