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Ideas for remote equalizer.


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I've got my system sounding pretty good (at least to me) but I'd like to go one step further. I am using Tidal with an RME ADI-2 Dac. My music server is a Win10 Laptop that I remote control with RDP. My Khorns have been modded with ALK's ESS crossovers, BMS drivers, wood horns, DE-120 tweeter drivers. McIntosh MA-352 integrated amp.


All is good except I have to get up and change the EQ on the dac occasionally to get some tracks sounding like they should.  For instance I like Emmy Lou Harris how ever her voice comes on to strong in the mid-range. I'd like to have an equalizer on the server that I could use to  alter the sound a bit remotely. 


I  am still experimenting with the settings on Al's crossovers but I think that their will always be the need for minor adjustments.


Appreciate any input.

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I think you can program the unit to switch eq presets via remote.   You basically just re assign the lower keys to different functions like preset 1 preset 2 , etc.  I programmed mine to toggle between digital filters but you can assign eq as well

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