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About larger screens.....


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Am I missing something or has this happened or is there a reason to avoid it??


Looking at screen creep as they get larger & larger....


I have often thought for YEARS, why not put on a pair of virtual reality headsets so now, your TOTAL visual presentation is controlled.....  and then use your HT system as the audio playback?


I'll admit I've never done a VR headset but it would seem to me that the experience SHOULD be capable of becoming more realistic on the visual side..... combine that with the high potential of a good sound system and it seems to me that should easily out perform having a giant screen.  At the same time, I'd presume they can scale the visuals in the VR set to be however big/wide they'd want it to be.


Am I missing something here?  I would have expected a number of years ago, for this technology to replace big screens "for the experience" and maybe you keep the big screen for family viewing of Lassie or the news.


Educate me, what are the downsides??

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