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RP Home Theater layout for 5.1.2 atmos setup


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Hi All,


  I am getting a deal with the following setup:

2 RP-8000F,

1 RP-504C,

2 RP-502S and FREE PL-200II Sub (I don't know BIC company, but it goes down to 21 HZ)

For around $2100!!  I don't think a better deal would come-by even in thanksgiving, correct me if I am wrong.

+RP-502SA for $400/pair as front elevation atmos speakers.

Setting them up with Denon AVR-760 which has 75W per channel with .08 distortion and 2 channel driven.


Thinking of setting them up in a 20x15 feet (not completely rectangular room) as shown in the enclosed diagram.  Mlp is 9.5 feet from front speakers and 3.5 feet from side surrounds. Would this work for a 5.1.2 dolby atmos?  Any recommendations on the layout?


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Technically where you have your 500SAs shown they'd be considered front heights.  Atmos should be overhead facing down toward you.


I chose to go with AW-650 "outdoor" speakers on the ceiling for Atmos.  They sound fantastic and were tremendously easy to install and aim with their brackets.

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The 8000s and 504C are great.  Same as my LCR. 


Now. if you have a flat ceiling, definitely  try putting the 500SAs on top of the 8000s and use bounce.  See this....




Regarding this sentence.  I am guessing you meant RP-500SA as shown in your diagram.

"+RP-502SA for $400/pair as front elevation atmos speakers."

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