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For Sale Emotiva XPA-2 Gen1 Amp


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XPA-2 Gen 1, no scratches or flaws, beautiful mint condition. This is just back from Emotiva where it was completely gone through, cleaned and serviced and still has a short servicing warranty. It looks great and is in extremely nice mint condition, I can't see a single flaw anywhere. Sounds excellent.

It is a Gen 1 with new style Gen 2 black trim pieces installed, I will also include the original silver Gen 1 trim pieces.


I have the original double boxes and packaging for shipping.

Comes with cord, extra silver trim pieces, in original packaging.


Price is $650.00 plus actual shipping costs or can be picked up locally in Orange county California.

Please note shipping on these very heavy beasts is very expensive. I paid $160.00 just to ship it to Emotiva in Tennessee from California.


It's a great amp and in beautiful flawless condition!







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13 minutes ago, Iteachstem said:



What was it doing that it needed to be serviced? 



It was occasionally and intermittently losing all power. The technician at Emotiva re-soldered some connections to repair the problem as well giving the unit a complete checkup.

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