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RC64iii as LCR


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Is anyone running RC64iii’s for LCR. I was going to do RC7iii’s with the 64, but started to look at the specs, and the fact that the 64 is not ported in the back makes sense to me (I need to put them very close to a back wall) looks to me like they would make a great threesome. 

Low end would be handled by 2 12” subs, and possibly 2 or more 18’s. 

thanks for any input!

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38 minutes ago, Frzninvt said:

An individual on here used to have three RC-7's across the front and was thrilled with it.  


I ran a set like that for awhile eventually just ran a pair in stereo for a long time and they sounded great. All I did was remove and rotate the horn for vertical positioning easy to do and reverse if need be, imagine you could probably do the same with the 64-III's.



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Here could be some relative posts:

On 7/9/2021 at 12:11 PM, Zen Traveler said:

This has been discussed before regarding the RC-7s back when it was introduced. It seemed consensus was that because of Klipsch's patented "tapered array," design which doesn't engage both LF drivers on all frequencies a bookshelf or tower would be better.


{Edit: removed unrelated post}

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