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** SOLD ** MINIPUNCH speakers for sale


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I have a pair of JC’s, Justin Webber’s (Amps & Sound) and Dave Harris’ (Fastlane Audio) Minipunch speakers.


Bass bin is JC’s Minipunch design with dual Eminence Delta-12FLA drivers


Mid horn is Fastlane’s Eliptrac with B&C DE750 drivers


Tweeter is Fastlane’s horn with B&C DE10 driver.


Crossover is custom ALK/Justin Webber design.  I believe it’s second order with 450 or 500/6000 Hz crossover points.


wiring is 12 gauge stranded


Cabinets are 27” wide x 20” deep x 43” tall, weigh over 150 lbs each, ported (3”) and the ports can be plugged using Oatey 3” compression plugs if you prefer sealed.  The cabinets are built like tanks and the craftsmanship is second to none. Anyone who has experience with Justin’s speakers can attest.  The cabinets are raw and need a finish. 


They are fully functional, sound incredible, better than La Scala’s / Belles / Cornwall’s.  Hit harder, dig deeper, sound clearer…




located in San Jose CA


Not sure what they weigh but probably over 150 lbs each.  Shipping won’t be cheap but I’ll work with someone if need be.


I’m moving out of the country, otherwise I would not be selling them!  


I have more pictures of better quality I can share if serious about buying.


A couple of Links to minipunch threads on this forum:











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I didn’t build these.  I bought the enclosures from Justin Webber.  I believe Dave Harris cut all the lumber up but not sure who assembled them.  They are a combination of MDF and Baltic Birch Ply, 1” and 3/4”.  They’re built like tanks and weigh more than any speaker I’ve owned, even my KPT-435’s.

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