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K-64 Rebuild?


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On 10/24/2021 at 1:43 PM, DirtyErnie said:

20211024_124517.thumb.jpg.bac4eb898374c89ea00eca341607d503.jpgOne of mine has a voice coil rub, so I'm looking into possibility of subbing in a different diaphragm assembly. 

Measures out to be a 2" vc, with a 3" surround.


Question for the experts, is the retaining ring glued in or epoxy, plastic weld, et.c?


@Chief bonehead, or any other experts.


Is this a tweeter? If so, you can replace the diaphragms of the tweeters with titanium tweeter diaphragms. You can buy them from Crites Speakers. What did this come out of? 

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3 hours ago, DirtyErnie said:

Epic CF-2.

Word is they are not built to be repaired, and by the look inside, I believe it. 

So let the hack-butchery begin!

there are no replacement parts   ,the  EV   DH 1506 is known to work very well in the  EPIC CF 2-3-4 series speakers -but it's a much bigger/heavier  driver


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