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Shorthorn S-WO-15 (Serials #1030 and #1090)


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Hi, we've picked up a pair of shorthorns! Boy, there sure isn't too much info on these. They sure are interesting. Really tough to move with all of the fascia pieces on (nowhere to grab!). They sound pretty good, considering they haven't been recapped – just a little muddier than an uncapped Cornwall I on the same system.  I was able to find a price list from '57, but this only included Mahogany and Prima Vera woods. 

These have the EV15W woofer, which has a Klipsch inspection tag which seems to indicate June '59. The mid is a K-55-V, with a K77 up top.

  • Is there a way to determine approximate build date from serial (or other)?
  • Any ideas when walnut was introduced?
  • It would be very cool to get a sense of production numbers on the S-xx-15 as well as the walnut specifically. Would anyone know?
  • It would also be cool if anyone happened to have a price list from '59!spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png
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Thank you for looking AuralTone.  I ask because some SP15W's came with with the full-tart-regalia as well and some straight 15W's also did not.  Yours is the first I've seen built that way and it'd be grand if one day someone could measure TS stuff on that woofer.  The K's had their additional designation stamped.  Now, if Roy could just harangue some industrial designers to make the new Jubes look that good, they'd have it all...  Just beautiful, thanks for posting and congrats. 


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