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Help choosing receiver - DENON AVR-X8500H VS AVR-X6700H


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I am puzzled between the DENON AVR-X8500H VS AVR-X6700H. Which one should I choose. 

1. Are both new models, is one new over the other ?


2. Does the 13 channel make a significant difference ? 

3. Is 8500H discontinued, does that mean it’s not recommended to buy it ?


appreciate all the response and help

acoustic screen - 30feet by 16feet room



ceiling - Pro 180 RPC - 4pc 

side - RP 502S

backside - RP 600M


@billybob @inMotionGraphics @wvu80

@Ceptorman @Islander



thank you so much


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I want to ask your impressions of your setup and so have done research to answer your question first :)


The 8500H is basically their flagship receiver, but without 8k capability (THey also have the 8500HA which now includes 8k). THe 6700H is 8k and very slightly less powerful, by just 20 watts in fact (10w per channel with 2 driven at 8ohms). The 6700H will only provide amplification to 11 channels, however it will process 13 so if you get an external amp you can still have 13 channel glory should you want it. However for a capable 7.2.4 atmos setup that's still only 11 channels.


So my question if you could please :)


You're using the RP502S as the side surrounds in a 7.1.4 atmos setup. The non direct speaker like the 502S is not recommended for an atmost setup and they prefer the direct speakers like 600M for example. How do you find the atmos setup with the 502S on the sides? Is the 3d effect diminished do you think?


THanks very much :)

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