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FS:i,BMS-4592nd mids


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Are they stilll for sale? why did/are you selling them, what did you not like? I've built some eliptrac 400 horns and would like that exact driver.

What crossover were you using?

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I used these midrange speakers with my Klipschorns that I modded with Volti horns, bms4592 nd mids and Beyma tweeters.I put my original Klipsch drivers,horns and crossovers and sold my Klipschorns.I have the volti horns,bms4592nd mids and Beyma tweeters  that I would sell.

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7 hours ago, mark1101 said:

Minor correction.

I don't believe those are 4592ND (midrange and tweeter coaxial).  I believe they are just 4592 (midrange only).


I only see two inputs (pos & neg).  The coaxial looks like it has four inputs.




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