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Jamo D600/RT - 12D Amplifier Power Supply Circuit Repair


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Ok, so the standby function doesn't work.

Validate that on pin 1 the voltage does indeed change from -05 to 16v if you switch the standby mode.
If this is the case, you must check the transistor Q4 and Q2 + R1 and R2.
The standby principle consists of cutting off the VCC power supply from the IR2153 circuit.


Not easy to take measurements with the control board in place!

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I don't understand that you can't find faulty components!
I summarize:
-If you bypass the transistor between emitter and collector, the power supply goes into shutdown (voltage on J2 = 0)
-If you force the power off mode on J3 the transistor Q4 does not react.
That's right?
How do you go about testing transistor Q4?

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Information and various tests carried out so far have failed to bring this active subwoofer back to life. The main power board seems operational and unfortunately for the time being, no clue on the causes of the failure seems to be looming on the horizon.
Thank you very much to Bricol67 for the time spent

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