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It's good to see that old MWM speakers are being preserved instead of discarded.  I hope these ones find a good home.


MWMs, MCMs, Khorns, La Scalas, Belles, and of course Jubilees (although they're mostly just babies in this context.  Really big babies), seem to really be heritage items.  Their worth is recognized, thus they're preserved.  Many of them are from the last century.  It makes me wonder how many will survive and still be active in the 22nd Century?  Most of them, I hope.


Good luck with your sale.

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They are unicorns. Even the singles are missing links. 


I contacted the seller and went out to empty the work van to make room and was immediately overcome with a sinking feeling.


Sure enough when I measured my basement entrance it came up short. And just when I thought I’d found the perfect home for my spare K-33s.


I don’t think you could buy the lumber to DIY these for that price.


There ought to be a bylaw against building single family dwellings that won’t accommodate MWM doubles.

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2 hours ago, Coytee said:


I hear you can walk into virtually any gas station or corner market and buy hens teeth up there.  Who knew!?

 in Quebec During the Maple sugar season , you can buy at a gaz station some "Oreille de crisse "  ,crispy pork rinds in Maple syrup ,  a bag is enough for a Heart attack




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1 hour ago, RandyH said:

 in Quebec During the Maple sugar season , you can buy at a gaz station some "Oreille de crisse "  ,crispy pork rinds in Maple syrup ,  a bag is enough for a Heart attack





Wow!  That translates as “Christ’s Ears”, showing even more profanity than is usual for Quebec.  “crisse!”, or “Christ!” is used as profanity in Quebec, just as it is in English, but it can also be used as a verb, equivalent to “toss” in English, like “What did you do with that junk?”  “J’ai le crissé dans le vidange.”, meaning “I ******* it in the garbage.”  Seriously.


In France, rude French words are pretty much equivalent to the English ones we’re all familiar with, like “con”, for example.  It’s popular, and is not pronounced like “conman”, more like “conh”, that French vowel sound that’s not used in English.  What does it mean?  Well, if you replace the “o” with “u” and add “t” at the end”, you get the English version.


In Quebec, on the other hand, rude words are hangovers from a few centuries ago, from the Age of Exploration.  They’re called “sacrés”, and have their own Wikipedia page, “Quebec French profanity”.  The Quebec rude words are mostly religious, like “Tabernak!”, “tabernacle”, which is considered one of the rudest words you can say, while you could say, “T’es brakes sont toute fucké.”, meaning “Your brakes are really shot.”, without offending everyone.  BTW, the “e” on the end of many French words is usually silent, as in the word “France”.  However, if the “e” on the end of a word has an accent egu, like this, “é”, then the letter is not silent, it’s pronounced like a hard “a”, like “Klipsch Forté”, for example.


Silly and amusing? Yes.  Even many Quebecers think so.  Like in many situations in North America that are familiar to many of us, the degree of seriousness is conveyed, not by the actual words, but by the emotion that goes along with them, anywhere from “You guys, ha-ha.”, to “I’m really angry, so angry that your life may be in danger right now!”, even though the words may be the same.


Now back to the program you were watching.

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