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Sublime Acoustic Model K231 Stereo 3-way Active Crossover?


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Well, with this you won't be able to do delays or adjust eq (unless adding other electronics). No phase adjustments, etc.


But if it would work for you, why not try it. I think someone on here had posted about this before.


I see these haven't made it to market yet.

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jorjen you are a self confessed passive XO guy!  What speakers are you thinking of using these on ? The beautiful Jubilees here -

I agree totally with Marvel. If you are going active, go with DSP.

The biggest improvement I found on my tri-amp project was when I flattened the phase using FIR filters.
The filters I developed for my DCX464 and Eliptrac would be a good starting point if you are thinking of using your DCX462 drivers with Eliptracs.


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Thanks for chimin' in guys! Good to hear from both of you.


I have considered, to a point what I will not be able to do. But I figured what I will be able to do would still be better than standing pat, correct or am I wrong? I am just now really starting to look into this.


Part of the problem is wanting to begin this phase, step, whatever as frugally as possible right here at Christmas. Wanted to give myself a Christmas gift but I don't want to make myself feel like a DBag breaking the bank on me when my wife and Son deserve it as much or more so than I. This is totally contrary to the way I have always done things. You know, the old nothing is too good for me deal? Bottom line, trying to be a cheap bastard to see if I feel it is even worth dicking with.


I wish I were doing it with the Jube Clones. Those damn things sounded incredible just the way they were, I can only imagine active. You cannot imagine how many times I have kicked myself in the nuts for selling them.


I will be doing this with my La Scalas. OEM bins except for the Kappa 15C's, Dave's Eliptrac 400's and the DCX462's. I cannot explain it, but something is holding the La Scalas back from being special. It has to be the network bottle neck, it has to be.


But I am still going to have a vinyl only rig. Just the way it is going to have to be. So I have to work with impedance matching and other shite. What I am trying to say is I want to run my Lehmann phono pre into the DSP or an active analog unit like the K231 or whatever. Then I need six channels of amplification which is costly. I do like what John Warren is doing with the Crown amps and active filters. I like what Benchmark is doing, Hypex and their NCore stuff, etc., etc.. I have considered the Maramtz MM8077, Six MA-500's, Emotiva has some nice configurable stuff and this is only a few examoles of amplification. Still need the other stuff. i just don't know how feasible it is going to be money wise right now..


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I bought one to try out.   Problem I had with the unit when using balanced cables if if you you he'd the chassis, it would buzz and hum through the speakers.  At times, it sent a nasty him through my double 18" sub also.... Couldn't troubleshoot the inconsistent issue and sent it back. It was also a VERY bright sounding piece of equipment.   I wouldn't touch it again.... 

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It's an old thread but I thought I would chime in:


I'm using the K231 since two years in my main system and it's the best analogue crossover I ever owned. Flawless operation, fantastic sound, completely devoid of any noise or distortion.


The unit sounds bright when brand new, it needs a good two weeks of operation before you get to hear what it's capable of. Then it's absolutely marvelous. There isn't a single active crossover from the pro world that can come close. I've owned a bunch and even used to mod them for better sound. 


One of the reviews on their website is mine (François).



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