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Surround Sound / Atmos Home Theater Set Up with Heresy IV Loud Speakers


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Hey everyone,


I'm considering building a home theater / music listening set up around the Heresy IV's and I'm wondering which other speakers in the Reference Premier line I should pair them with? Do I need a center channel speaker, like the 504C or 600C? Should I get a set of 502S and 500SA? Can I forgo the sub for the time being and see if I like the bass in the H4's? The room is 18ft by 10ft for the theater area and 18ft by 32ft for the whole main basement area basically a big rectangle with 8ft high ceilings I think. Any and all advice you guys could provide would be appreciated, I'm pretty new at this as I just bought my first house and want a killer set up for the home theater. 



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Welcome, sounds like a good plan for a nice size room. Yes you want it killer, why not,  done right the first time even if takes longer will save money in the long run.


The main thing I would do is make the front 3 speakers all the same ( or made to go together ), to me it just sounds much better. Good luck and others will add more ideas.

And a capable sub.



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