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63 klipschorn info requested plz


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Hi there, 


My father and I picked up a pair of 63 k horns in Texas back in June. The original thread is here. 

The serials are 1b867 and 1b868 and the label says KDFR. I was wondering who the original purchaser was? Are we also correct in that these left the factory as decorators with no grill and the top hats were added later and not done by klipsch? Would the front veneer have been original or added? Thanks for the info! Kind of a fascinating puzzle... they sound really good!

My father added some edgebanding and refinished/oiled the very dry cabs. 
Thanks for the help!



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These are probably 1964.  They had not shipped per the 1963 logbook.  Logbooks from 1964 thru mid-1976 came up "missing" about 25 years ago.  KDFR stands for Klipschorn / Decorator (open face HF) / Fir / Raw.  Good job revitalizing these!

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On 11/24/2021 at 7:57 AM, GandL said:

... Would the front veneer have been original or added?...


Most likely added, I don’t think Klipsch put that nice of veneer on their decorators. Someone has done some work on them previously.


Your father did a great job refinishing them!


I’m glad you’re enjoying them and researching their history.


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On 12/2/2021 at 7:32 PM, GandL said:


They come with the original Type I crossovers...does this narrow down the dating at all? Are these considered good networks? 

it's not the crossover that is the most unique about these speakers ,  yes the crossover is indicative of 63-64 khorns  but  the Midrange horn ,being  the PWK  designed K-5-J  means these  speakers are amongst the last wooden horned khorns , as later 1964  units came with  the K-400 -


-1 of  the serial numbers is 1B868 , so 1963 /1964 , this speaker was made prior to May 1964    -

-as of May 1964  ,  the K-5-J was discontinued and the khorns were equipped with the  k-400 cast metal horn through  1987 -

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On 12/15/2021 at 11:07 PM, khornbred said:

i know it's pointless trivia, but i have the older sibling to this pair, i have 1B866 as half of my mismatched pair.

Khornbred - That is really neat. I would love to see a picture of it for comparison sake. Very interesting. 


The date code on the wooden horn is marked out with marker on one and scratched out intentionally on the second....is yours like that as well? 

Thanks for the info! 

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