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Terminal strip for La Scala bass bin

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I've been trying to find the terminal strips that connect the inside of the bass bin to the squawker/tweeter "shelf" on my 1988-era La Scalas. I think they're "dual row, 2 pole, open back" terminal strips (or barrier strips).


(I don't need them for my La Scalas, they're for a subwoofer I'm building).


The terminal strips are mounted back-to-back, one on either side of the wood panel that forms the top of the bass bin. The one on the inside of the bass bin is connected to the woofer. The one on the opposite side of the wood panel (i.e., the bottom of the compartment for the tweeter and squawker) is connected to the network. Each pole on the two terminal strips is connected to its mate on the other terminal strip with machine screws that pass through the wood panel.


The tricky bit is that it must be possible to connect the two strips; the ones I've found are solid plastic (not open backs) which makes them unsuitable.


I've looked for suitable terminal strips at my local electronics suppliers, but have not been successful. Similarly, I haven't found what I'm looking for at Parts Express. If they're in the Digikey or Mouser catalogues, I haven't been able to narrow the choices down to find what I need..


I'd appreciate it if anyone could point me to where I could find these terminal strips. 


Thanks in advance.




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56 minutes ago, billybob said:

Thanks for pointing that out, but it has a closed back so that two can't be connected on either side of a panel.

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I thought they were like the one pictured, with rge wire coming thoigh a hole and attached to one side of the barrier strip. The hole is sealed with caulk. The wires to the crossover connect to the other terminals.


That's how the wires come out of the MWMs I have.


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8 minutes ago, Racer X said:

Plastic is no match for a sharp drill bit.

Very true!  You can also get them with just the two screws on top, and a square pin that would go through the cabinet and you solder the wire onto the pin.


It's only 1/2 inch on the one I found, but you could feed the wire through two holes and solder, then screw down the barrier strip.


I never paid attention to my original LS and the beater pair was done a different way.




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I was able to find the terminal strips I was looking for at an electronics surplus shop. In case the information might be useful for others, I'll share the product information here.


They are made by CINCH Connector Division and are called a "barrier block". They are CINCH part number 2-142. Here's the web page that describes them:



The connector is rated to carry up to 30A and/or 7500 Watts. It can accommodate up to a #10 wire. The data sheet can be found here:



They take an 8-32 machine screw. A screw of >2" will allow me to mount two back to back on either side of a 3/4" panel.


They should do nicely for what I need.


terminal strip.JPG

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