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Heresy lV- Forte lV- LaScala AL5 Speaker Demo


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3rd place - Forte IV

2nd place - Heresy IV

1st place - La Scala 



Voices  in the Forte sound deplorable compared to the other two. Sounds like they are recessed in the background somewhere lost.  It amazes me nobody comments on that and instead just jump all over the marketing hype. It’s so obvious.

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Going to try this again tomorrow. First listening today has me favouring the Fortes. I'm listening with my Meze 99 Classics running through a Dragonfly Red.

This is of course shades of degree - everyone of these speakers are insanely good and I would be thrilled to own any of them.



Went to the fridge, poured a pint of Guinness and gave it another go.

I do prefer the Forte IV, no doubt about it.

Seems the most balanced to these ears. The Heresy sounded nice and crisp but seems to artificially push the vocals too far forward giving them an echo like sound to me.

The Lascala is somewhat similar but not as far forward. Perhaps it is the material, who knows - but I could see fatigue coming my with them over time. Forte just seemed to have the most balanced and natural overall sound. I have been considering a pair of them or a set of Cornwalls when I retire ( five years or less). Would like to be able to compare those two back to back at some point.

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