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AA Crossover frequency response

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I hope this finds itself useful for the folks doing work on Klipsch crossovers. I can simulate other models as well if there is an interest, I did the AA network because it seems to be the most popular for heritage models.


Pictures are in the order like the schematic from top to bottom; 1) woofer 2) mid 3) tweeter


Viewing them in this order you can see how they overlap each other to cover the whole audible frequency range.


This is how I test crossover networks, I place the signal generator output to the input of the crossover, I then put resistive loads on each output and then use a frequency analyzer to look at and compare the frequency response of the networks to make sure they are functioning properly. This gives you a great indication of which filter is having a problem so less time taking the whole board apart and testing each component. I also leave my scope on the outputs in chop mode and compare to the input, sometimes you will see an ugly waveform at the output with high distortion, a good indication a component is toast.







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6 hours ago, JohnA said:

If you will adjust your load impedance, you'll get more accurate results.


Woofer - 6.3 - 6.5

Squawker - 12.5 at 400 Hz

Tweeter - 8 ohms (7.2 DCR)


Your model does show the EQ built into the tweeter filter. 

Yes, and that the AA tweeter filter is near full power at approx 5000hz, not 6000hz.

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