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Klipsch 600M - should I upgrade to RP-6000f


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I currently have the RP-600M for my L/R front speakers.  I have the SVS SB-3000 on the way for my sub.  I will eventually get the RP-504C or RP-404C for my center.  I am not sure what to get for the surrounds yet.  My room is 12ft x 26ft with 8ft ceilings. I use it 50/ 50 for movies and music.  I have a Denon x2300 amp.  My question is:

Should I upgrade to the 6000f and move the 600M to the rear?  Or will I be happy with the front 600M's for the fronts?

What would you recommend for the center and rears?

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Welcome to the forum.


The RP-600Ms are no slouches and can hold their own as anchors for a nice HT rig in your room size, especially if you have your subwoofer/s integrated properly.  With that said, a pair of the RP-6000Fs will take it up a notch or two and give you a "fuller" sound.



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