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ISO: surrounds for KG4 passive radiator (KD-12 p/n 121251)


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I'm just starting out on a pair of KG4 – I'm pretty excited – they're the spittin' image of the first pair of speakers I ever owned, way back when. I was able to score an early walnut pair in pretty decent shape. Really the only mandatory on these is replacing the butyl rubber surround on the rear passives. I see a lot of kits out there for the KD-121 (from the KG5.2) but that's a substantially different driver, I believe. Sure is visually.

Does anyone have any light they could shed? I'm specifically looking for a butyl rubber surround kit that will work perfectly with the KD-12 passive radiator.

Other plans I have for this (re)build are:

  • Crites titanium tweeters (on the way)
  • rebuilt crossovers (leaning crites)
  • dampen, brace, and seal the cabinets
  • remove the risers, and building custom stands to get them up a bit higher.
  • Flush the bezel to the driver board
  • Full wrap in teak veneer (incl front and back)
  • Custom grills on magnetic standoffs (magnets countersunk under veneer)

But having all the drivers right and tight is step one, so I'd appreciate any of your thoughts on that 12" surround!
Thanks in advance!



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  • AuralTone changed the title to ISO: surrounds for KG4 passive radiator (KD-12 p/n 121251)

There are rubber surround kits out there. I'd measure the diameters and check the speaker parts online stores, as well as Ebay. I bought rubber surrounds for my KLF 30s and they work great. I forget where I bought them from. It was a couple years ago. What is wrong with the old surrounds exactly? I like KG4s too! Often underrated. 

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Oh, these surrounds just crumble. we picked them up in an auction, and it looks like everything had been stored for quite a while. A little odd that the k-8 "woofers" in the front have healthy looking surrounds, but I don't wanna jinx it.

Thanks for not teasing me for spending time on such an "underrated" speaker! I know they top out around $450 these days. I'm sure I'll have spent more than that once all is said and done.

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I just picked up a pr. of KG4 yesterday and have the same issue w/ the KD12 passive radiator rubber surrounds. Cracked and need replaced. But the bass drivers are fine.  Hoping I can find new rubber surrounds that are inverted like the originals. AuralTone, please post if and where you found the surrounds.  Are the inverted surrounds different that regular surrounds (ie- foam roll concave or convex?) Is it just a matter of flipping them over or are they angled specifically for one way?


This is my second pair and I immediately regretted selling my first pair. It's taken me a few years to find these so I am excited to get these up and restored.

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