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Not to crap on your sale thread but I think the better comparison would be the Klipsch KPT 904 or 456 with a 402 mounted on top.  Same basic ported bass bin more similar than the horn loaded Jubilee bin. And I bet the JBL sound great. I actually enjoyed the 904’s with an EAW horn every bit as much as KHorns. Good luck - 

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15 minutes ago, 000 said:

did you sample the Danley speakers , do they sound proper in an average room -your impressions would be appreciated -

Yes, I owned them prior (Danley SH50). A powered pair.  That's another story.... The amp in one was destroyed in shipping and so were drivers due to a had drop from who know how high up. When I got them, the pair wasnt matched in volume or sound.  I got frustrated and sold them. They take A LOT of negative eq down low in an average room. Something like 15 dB cut from memory.... They have insane bass output.  Substantial.  They did sound great. If I was pissed over the transaction, I should have just made them passive and kept them. Wasn't thinking straight on that one... 

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