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Cinema 1200 soundbar thread


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Recently bought one and cant wait till day i unpack it. Currently traveling. Really looking forward to get this set running with klipsch!

please share your experience. 
my setup:

klipsch cinema 1200 obviously


dune real vision 4k

sony 77A80j

playstation 5


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On 12/4/2021 at 7:19 PM, Eugene said:

Lets talk, share your thoughts, setups, bugs here!


Hi Eugene,


You started this thread. I'm interested in learning more about your experience with the Cinema 1200.

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I recently picked up a the Cinema 1200 and it sounds incredible... when it works.   I have this system plugged into a sony bravia TV and will randomly have the Front Left/Right and Center channels drop.  The rear surrounds and sub will still be working -receiving and producing audio.  I've tried every setting I could find on the Sony TV, Replaced the HDMI Cable, Factory Reset the sound bar, Updated both DSP and WiFi to the latest versions... all with no success.   The only thing that seems to work is leaving the sound bar unplugged overnight.  When it cuts out, I hear static then only the rear and sub channels.  Very odd.  Anyone have any suggestions outside of returning it?

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On 1/12/2022 at 5:13 PM, Remmis said:

Anyone have any suggestions


I have replied to your other post here.


I suggest others wishing to reply do so in the other thread so as to keep all replies in one place.

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