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La Scala LSBR SS amplifier review


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Hello everyone, when I bought La Scala speakers from 1983 in 2016, I had several electronics at home to match: first I tried with SAE P-102 A-202 pre and power amp, very energetic sound, abundant bass, excellent spatiality and dynamics, however they are devices with a rather high gain and not adjustable, so with La Scala's very high efficiency Speakers, the background hum was somewhat noticeable.  The SAE pair have found a new owner and have been replaced by pre and power SAE 2100L-Bryston 2B-LP pro.  The breakthrough felt good, with many gain adjustments the background hum was attenuated and the sound produced by SAE-Bryston was first-rate, stage width and depth at the top, great transparency and exceptional definition.  the 2B-LP pro has 60W RMS per channel and is enough to drive La Scala's well so I could definitely recommend this amp without a doubt.  Only note about this Bryston power amp, I believe that for the setting of its project it is more suitable to drive small and 2-way systems rather than large classic speakers, in any case with La Scala's it is able to provide a lot of satisfaction.  I also had another Revox S-series triptych system at home: cassette deck, tuner and integrated amplifier, so I moved everything into the living room and hooked up the Revox B250-S to La Scala's.  This pairing has remained stable the Revox integrated is energetic and refined at the same time: definition, airiness and dynamics are excellent, this amplifier also has an exuberant power reserve despite its compact size, the bass is abundant but tight, real punches in the stomach!  Thanks to its particular transformer, the B250-S is completely mute, you can't tell the difference between on and off even by going with your ear to the speaker, and as a cherry on the cake it is equipped with a remote control that is so convenient when I'm thrown on the sofa. eh!  With my eyes closed, I would recommend this amplifier in combination with La Scala speakers.  SAE and Bryston went to my home studio where they fly my Klipsch KG2s.  I wanted to share my experience with you to leave an indicative trace to any owners and interested parties in La Scala;  your other experiences will certainly be of interest.  Greetings from northern Italy.

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