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2 channels amp


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I bought JBL sda -2200 amp.I have cornwall iv,forte iv,and klipsch rf-7111  i was able to connected all 6 speakers it plays around 45 after shutting down.Then just play 4 speakers took longer but it shut off also so i play bjust the cornwall iv it never shuts down.I know is a 2 channel amp and it shuts down to protect because is 6 speakers.Im thinking on buying parasound a51.Can be able to connected all 6 speakers with out that happening that the amp shuts down.Im using marantz 1250 integrated amp with the jbl.Should i buy the 5 channels amp to be able to play all 6 speakers

thks very much

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1 hour ago, CWelsh said:

Didn't we already go through this on another thread under a different user name?

Amp goes into thermal protect as you wired them in parallel. Amp sees an effective speaker load less than 3 Ohms. Too much current, too much heat, amp shut off so amp don't go up in flames.


Get an amp capable of driving three pairs of speakers at once. Say the Dayton Audio Multi Zone amp. Or just get three amps and split the signal using a preamp or just an RCA splitter.


Sorry CWelsh, didn't mean to respond to you...but too lazy to copy paste edit....yah, OP probably won't read this anyway since the previous topic was ignored.

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