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Would anyone want to borrow my UMIK-1?


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I'm done using it (for now) as I was able to dial in my subwoofers pretty easily through REW.  I don't want to sell it in case I make changes but won't be needing it at the moment.


You'd pay postage each way.  Shipping would need to be Priority Mail, insured for $100.

Only offered to established forum members, only in the CONUS.


To fully benefit from it you'll want to install REW (preferably on a laptop) and have a miniDSP.  If you go to miniDSP's website and enter the serial number on the microphone it will allow you to download two unique calibration files specifically for this UMIK.


After watching a few YouTube videos I was able to get my subwoofers calibrated in about an hour and a half.


Send me a PM if you're interested.

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18 minutes ago, xo705cf said:

I would like to in the future but won’t be till after the new year, I have a NAD with DIrac which is excellent in it’s own right but I’ve heard unit is the way to go when it comes to measuring… Nice of you to offer…. How’s it going with the all heresy setup?


Still looking for Heresys for surrounds.  Having them for LCR is pretty awesome, though.

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depending on location, priority mail insured at $100 will be ~$10-$13 since its so light weight.  & for someone that is in a tristate area of him probably closer to $8-$10.  granted if you need one its best to just buy it, but for someone that only needs to use it 1 time, this would be a way to save some $ & hassle of trying to resell it for less than the price new & still have to eat shipping 1 way to ship it. 


very generous offer & if its still around in a few months i may take you up on that, plus im only 1 state away from you & can ship this back for about $5.  

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