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KG 5.5's in Cary, IL for $300

Mighty Favog

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good deal for 5.5's... but why do people always put plants or things that can leak water on klipsch speakers??  ive seen water rings & stains but these are far beyond that, the veneer is actually lifting & bubbling & looks like the seams have started to separate on the top edges.  such a shame. 

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Big problem is water damage... Going to to be re veneered in those areas. Reminds me of a set of Quartets I bought while back..... Cabinets were mint except a candle burn one one. And of course the passive dust caps were pushed.... A visit to Rockler's web sight.... And Simply speakers for the caps.... $75.00 well spent. The one on the right has a new top.


Oh Yea I live in Cay Illinois 



20200112_100957 (1)_copy_800x600_1.jpg

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On 12/17/2021 at 11:24 AM, EpicKlipschFan said:

but why do people always put plants or things that can leak water on klipsch speakers??

I'm pretty sure the most common reason goes something like this: 


Problem: The dude wants a good set of floor standing speakers.  The wife wants Bose cube speakers that fit into the décor better.  


Solution: Dude agrees to let wife place foliage on said speaker to spruce it up a bit if allowed to purchase.


End Result: After a while, care in not taken when watering said foliage, and viola!  You have a mess!


Future design suggestions: Klipsch, can you please build a speaker that isn't always a perfect box?  Add a little slope as to deter said wife from placing plant on nice speaker. (See exhibit A)  Or put little objects up on top that don't allow easy placement. (See exhibit B ) Or better yet, make them so tall and slanted that there is almost no way the wife will get out a step ladder to tackle that challenge (See exhibit C)




Exhibit A



Exhibit B



Exhibit C


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