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Atmos in Heritage HTs?


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What is everyone using to update their heritage home theaters to Atmos?


I'd go in-ceiling rather than reflection, figuring the end result is better?


I see Youthman is using the bigger CDT-5800 C-II (8 inch), but the Klipsch PRO-18-RC 8 is also an 8 inch at the same price, and the CDT 3800 is also 8 inch and just a tad cheaper. There are slimmer models, and 6 inch versions too.


With my current 7.1 layout and my likely future receiver to be 9 channels, I keep my rear surrounds and add two in-ceiling speakers.



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1 hour ago, psg said:


That's thinking outside of the box!

Are you bouncing the sound on the ceiling? Or did you mount them to the ceiling?


They're mounted to the ceiling, aimed at my listening position.  I don't feel the bounce effect works as well as it's touted.

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