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SOLD - Dynaco ST-35 ( Chris Keller rebuild) - $850 - SOLD


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I've had this for under a year and while I am hesitant to get rid of it, I just don't need so many power amps around. I dove head first into audio 1.5yrs ago, ended up with 4 tube power amps, and now need to thin down a bit.

I just had this in with my tech to fix the power cord and insure everything is running properly. 100% tip top shape.

The sale will come with 2 quads of 6bq5 halo getters. One GE and one RCA.

As a bonvoyage, I did a back to back with my Will Vincent St-70 and to my ears this sounds better than the Vincent, it just doesn't sound better than my Sayes SET 45 to me.

Asking $850 shipped and paypaled, with a discount given to local pickup ( within 150 mile radius of Portland, OR) and F&F. Will be packed very well and insured when shipped.

Happy to answer any questions.



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I’m interested in purchasing this amp.

Please elaborate on the history of this amp.

Did you acquire it from the person who did the restoration work?
What did the restoration entail?

Where did you take the amp for the power cord fix?

And etc. 

Also please add more pics including internals.

The more information - and pics - the more likely I am to purchase.




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Hi Scott, 


I did not acquire it from Chris Keller. I don't know what the restoration entailed, but might be able to find out.


I took the amp to a local tube amp repair place here in Portland, Or. Dawson Amp Repair. https://dawsonamps.com/


If you call and talk to the owner Matt, he can tell you about what he did to fix the cord and his opinions on the amp from a build perspective.


Can you DM me your email, to send more pics. Its alot of editing to get the pics posted on here due to size limits




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