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Purchased a package of Peruvian Blue berries the other day

(In the old days they came from Quebec in the fall)

Which for me means French Toast with Blue berries, Maple Syrup and Ham, Bacon, Scrapple, sausage etc

If you don't already know what scrapple is, don't read the label


While munching away, I wondered is  French Toast Really French ?

Reflecting on the musings of John Travoltas Character's knowledge acquired during his trip to France on the McDonalds quarter Pounder ....


Do the Germans have a 12 syllable word for French Toast which changes depending on the topping

- Do they call it Greek Toast

Amsterdam is covered with pancake houses, are they a Dutch thing ?

Do the French call French Toast "French Toast", or even eat it ?


I have expanded my horizon to include Malt Vinegar on Fries, New Foundland

Tried mayonnaise on Fries, just OK


Do the Belgians eat Flanders Toast with Mayonnaise etc ?


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A little Research turned up

1. Movie titled French Toast

1. Wash DC band, they broke up

4. Songs titled French Toast lyrics which are explicit, 1 love song

French Toast must mean something different for Rappers

and several music videos


A FT love song by Bread Boy aka missing you

I wonder if he has a Croutons song ....?


A Happy sounding Song I can't understand with a beat

anyone recognize the language



French toast movie soundtrack, sounds promising

nice traditional sound and love the sound of South Afrikan Girls singing in French

This one sounds great

Artist: Doreen Coetzee Written and Composed by Machiel Roets.

Assistant Director Hartiwood Films

May 2014 - Jul 2014   3 months


1 of the Lead Singers and Tambourine Player

Willekat Band

Sep 2015 - Present 6 years 5 months






This video left me with more questions than answers



If you are under 18 .... click exit

This one is supposed to be amusing, and it is ...


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30 years ago this June my wife and I got married. One of the best things that has happened to me.


What does that have to do with French Toast?


Not much, expect we honeymooned at Sanibel Island in Florida and the restaurant at the hotel had stuffed French Toast. Never heard of it before and have never seen it since. It is worth singing about. 



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Are all of you isolated at home with covid and bored?


Now that I have that out of the way (since I AM isolated at home with the vid, though not bored since I have all of you musings to keep me company)


Yeah, it's all about the bread.....  and some cinnamon on top.

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I wonder if sharing favorite French Toast recipes could end up as contentious as discussions about capacitors? Let's see...


When my grandkids were younger and would come to spend the night, it was always my job to make breakfast. The favorite was, of course, French Toast made with day old apple or peach/cinnamon bread. Paired with real maple syrup, thick cut bacon, and some creamy scrambled eggs with cheese, you've got the ideal coma inducing breakfast.

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Maybe, for me I like it simple. Like the lamp cord vs ohno copper wiring and solid wires. Cinnamon and sugar in the egg either butter or syrup before wolfing it down! Had it made from that raisin bread before.

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1 minute ago, jason str said:

Haven't had white bread in forever.

Pretty rare for me, too. It's actually been a while since I've had French Toast. I don't think Knock Your Sprouts Off bread from Aldi would be that good.

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I like french toast just like most people. However, once in a while I make the mixture with oregano, parsley, chives, etc.

Then fry one side and put cheese, ham, bacon etc on one fried side and put the two fried sides together.  Fry each side of the sandwich.

I think there is a name for it but I've been doing this for years. YUM


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