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5 hours ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

Interesting. .no one has. Trace Elliott. I have a TE Velocette tho. 🙂

Mine was originally a TE Commando 100 combo amp.

The amplifier section would toast itself  every couple years and the green carpet cab was getting kinda shaggy so I built a new cab for the Celestion 12” and run it with the little Orange amp.

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4 hours ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

I have several Orange OD 80's

I bought them new in 1971. 😳

I bet they sound great!

Ill own some more tube amps at some point.


My old favorite was this Mesa/Boogie MkIII combo with the EVM-12L speaker.

Seen here with a couple of Ibanez RG’s I used to own.


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Some previous basses.


Godin A4 fretless, chambered maple body with a western red cedar top.

L.R. Baggs under saddle pickup.

Very nice but I never quite gelled with it. It’s moved on to a good home.



1977 Fender Jazz Bass.

Active Seymour Duncan pickups.

the absolute best fret job I’ve ever played on a bass courtesy of Bruce Bennett.

Even though I tripled my money on this one, I still kick myself for letting it go.



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I have an old guitar I picked up several years ago that no one seems to know much about. Perhaps one of you will know something.


One story I found while doing internet research is that this was an early demo guitar made by a Japanese manufacturer to show American guitar companies that they were capable of building a good product. The thing is built like a tank and plays and sounds really nice. It's just a little oddly shaped and sized.



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So... here's the Eko 12 string. Probably around '66. I think my brother scanned this old print, and it is rather low res. Notice the madras plaid sport coat...


And one I posted elsewhere before... a couple years later up in Platteville, WI, playing a friends Guild D-40.







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5 minutes ago, CWelsh said:

It is a nice guitar, but it is kind of a smallish dreadnaught extra wide at the shoulders and very flat at the tail end. I have a feeling it is modeled on a classic guitar rather than a steel string.


It seems as though Shiro Kiboto made a number of classical style guitars.

I would have said off the top of my head that it was similar to a Martin OOO body style but it does look flatter at the lower bout.

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When I had tried to research my Shiro guitar just after I bought it (about 15 years ago), I had a hard time finding much. Now there seems to be quite a bit out there. I just found this: " Shiro guitars were built by the Aria factories in Japan between the early 70's and early 80's. The company was named after the founder of Aria guitars, Mr Shiro Arai."


I found some pictures of similar models from the early 70's that have the same headstock shape and truss rod cover, but include a Shiro label. They also appear to be slightly differently shaped. This makes me think the early prototype story may have some validity.

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