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FS: Scott 299C Local Chicagoland SOLD


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For sale my 299c with case, this is the last of my downsizing. 
completely redone. The following description is from the gentleman that did the work 

I've gone through and completely recapped the set with Hayseed Hamfest electrolytic cap cans, Cornell Dubilier orange drop film caps, & Vishay film caps underneath. Ive added a thermistor before the on/off/volume switch to prevent arcing in said switch. The thermistor will also ensure the amp has an easy slow startup when it's cold and it helps bring modern line voltage down from 125v closer to 117v like it used to be back in the 60s! The full wave selenium rectifier for the bias circuitry has been replaced with a modern day 3A/1000v silicon rectifier bridge and I've added new ac bypass caps, all voltages are spot on! All the controls have been cleaned, it has 4 matched NOS Telefunken 12AX7's, 4 matched very strong near NOS testing Scott(Sylvania) 7591 outputs, 2 NOS 6GH8 phase inverters(low noise 6U8), and a NOS mullard 5AR4 rectifier so this thing is ready for several years to come. 

only minor problem is with the fuse holder, once set works perfect.








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Looks nice. I'm fond of these Scott tube integrateds as I have (3) restored 222c"s.

Good luck with your sale. These units sound really, really nice with Klipsch speakers.

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