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WTB 71A SE Amp


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1 hour ago, rmlowz said:

I have an Oliver Sayes 71 SET that I really enjoy, I ordered one, he had it built for me in around 3 months. You can reach him on USAM sonic oil is his name on USAM.



Thanks Rich, do you have any pics? Can you give me a few detail about it? What was the cost?

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18 hours ago, jcmusic said:

I am looking for one of these amps to either buy or have one built, if anyone knows or has a lead one please let me know...

Any reason you would choose these over a DECWARE amp?  Just curious.

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1 hour ago, Limberpine said:

Did you find that people didn't like the amps he builds? I have considered buying one of his amps, so I'd love to hear what your research turned up. 

Well first I have a friend that has a few of his amps and he said they sound wonderful but, his soldering skill are very poor. All of his amps had to be gone through and repaired. He also doesn't color code the wiring something that is undesirable. Then on another forum I read more of the same from others that bought his amps. With that knowing the shipping back to Japan is $300 I decided against. Even though I really want one of his amps I am gonna get it done here in the states. Hope this helps.

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