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Don Sachs Linestage w/ Walnut cabinet - Sold


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I am the original owner of this Don Sachs Linestage unit and paid $2800 for it. I ordered it from Don approximately 1.5 years ago and it has performed great ever since. 

It was built in walnut, caps for 47k or higher impedance, XLR inputs, and has the WE6sn7 tubes and uses the 6BY5/6X5GT. 

The only issues with this unit is the cabinet. When I received the unit from Don it was not double boxed so one back/top corner was slightly dented and there was a 1 inch scratch on the side. I couldn’t ship it back because of funds and timing (moving houses) so Don gave me $200 for my troubles. 

I patched up the corner and thought about lightly sanding the scratch then re-sealing the wood but could never see the small damages while on my rack so I didn’t care to take the time. I considered adding some decorative corner brackets to the unit as well. 

I am having my first child so selling this to help with funds. Asking $1800 and I will ship for free anywhere in the CONUS. 

Any questions, just ask. 






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