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Found-Wanted to Buy: RF-82 woofer


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Hello all,


I'm looking for a single used original RF-82 woofer.


I couldn't pass up a pair with a damaged woofer and cabinets that were well scuffed!  I have some textured paint I want to use up, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.


I know I can get the new drivers from multiple places online, (As I replaced all 4 in my RF-3's last year) but they are the newer copper color and I'm looking to match the other drivers.


Let me know if anyone wants to reduce their speaker parts stash!!!


I'm in the Chicago burbs and would prefer a local sale, but I am not opposed to having one shipped.




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I was hoping someone had a pair of rf-82's that had a couple dented woofers and wanted to replace all of them.    In doing so, they could recoup some of the cost and sell me one of the decent used ones.  Well, no such luck yet.

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