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solid state integrated for Heritage models? Hegel H95 / Rogue Audio Sphinx?

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Guys Hi,

I started the thread below almost two years ago seeking advice on an amp for heritage models, thought I would start a new thread with updates


My quest for a one and done has been anything but and I've cycled through several tube amps at considerable expense, what I've learned..  I don't like tube amps.


Several online recommendations from hertiage owners have suggested good experience with the Rogue, however one particular Rogue owner indicated a very high noise floor and went to the Hegel with better results and lower noise floor


Open to any other suggestions in the 2k range please









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I wonder what Rogue model that individual was using. Was it an older model? Bad tubes? Ground loop? Anyhoo, my experience has been the complete opposite. I acquired a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III in early January and have been nothing but pleased and in awe over it paired with my Heresy 4's. A virtually undetectable noise floor whatsoever on mine. I only bring this up because my experience is different. 

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Another forum member started this thread a few months back. You may find some helpful information here.





Also started by the same forum member, but an all together different product...





And, a number of users really like the offerings from Schiit Audio.

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