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Ordered a Schiit Aegir (single) for my Cornwalls....

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Wow - just wow - really loving this new little amp.   Just setup yesterday and listened to one album side - Joe Henderson's State of the Tenor - Vol 2 (side 1) - a favorite.   Great everything and the noise floor is reduced - in the 20's dB from a simple iPhone dB app (my tube amps from a recent test - no ground lifts - was in the 30's.)
Great first impression for sure.
That's cool. I dig my Aegir.

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11 minutes ago, Shakeydeal said:

So it only took a couple of weeks to arrive?

Yeah - they said 4-6 weeks - back ordered - and I get a "shipped" email within about a week or 2 of ordering it.  Surprised for sure.

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And almost 2 months later:

+1 on running a single Aegir, in my case with Chorus 1 speakers. Very happy with the sound quality and quiet noise floor. More than adequate power for ~2100 cubic foot room.

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2 hours ago, rockhound said:

Is there an advantage to having the Aegir's running as mono blocks?

This only works for an 8 ohm load or higher. When configured as monoblocks the Aegir will not drive a 4 ohm load. So if you have less efficient speakers with a benign load, the extra power could come in handy.

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