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Lascalas with AL Crossovers


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I had one pair with Type AL xovers.  The eq built in them caused a howling resonance in the range of a French horn.  My solution was a set of Al Klappenberger crossovers. 


Type AL-3s will be your best bet.  You can convert your Type ALs.  There is enough difference in output between a K-55-M and -V that the vaunted Type AA is not a good match. 


The K-77-M is a good tweeter.  As always, there is something better at higher cost.  If you want to replace them, try to get a later K-77-F that flush mounts the tweeter mouth, or Z brackets that do the same with your tweeters.  Should you decide to go with bespoke tweeters, be sure the horns have properly made exponential or tractrix horns.  The tractrix horn curve is a little better.  A K-77-? uses an exponential curve. 




Flush mounting the tweeter eliminates some audible harshness from reflections.  Don't do what I did and disassemble the tweeters and reassemble them through the cabinet holes.  They might just fall to pieces in your hands!  It IS a way to improve the sound. 

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That plot was done by Al, using a 30 year old K-55-V.


Here is a plot done by Bob, using a K-55-V with a new diaphragm.


Slight variations in frequency response do not mean a difference in sensitivity. 


Did you read through the referenced thread? 




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