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speaker connections


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7 hours ago, babadono said:
8 hours ago, Marvel said:

it won't tarnish as much.

It won't tarnish at all. That is why it is used...get dirty..yes of course anything can get dirty.:)


I fixed it.. my brain just had a momentary short circuit.. 🤯

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9 minutes ago, The Dude said:

Anyone have an Audiophile torque spec for those binding post? I am always afraid I am missing out on sound by over tightening or not tightening enough. 


If the wire falls out, it's too loose. If the binding post breaks off, it's too tight.

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5 hours ago, Marvel said:


Gold actually has a higher resistance than copper, but it won't tarnish as much.


Sure, but as Edgar pointed out, when the bridge has a big cross section and is only a few inches long, the resistance is below the ability of nearly any ohmmeter to indicate, so even splitting hairs doesn’t convey how slight the differences are between the various conductors and configurations of them.  


To further confuse the discussion, my La Scala IIs came with wire jumpers that are kind of narrow, with possibly a smaller cross section than the flat bridges.  But they look cool.

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There is a better way I figured to hold the head of the terminal pug to pull out. First I loosened the terminals and removed the jumper. Then I tightened by hand the terminal.

It can now screw in an extra couple of mm (thickness of jumpers) . This makes the plug cap(as long as not broken)  stick out a couple of mm and makes a whole lot easier to grab and pull out.

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