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Klipsch SW-110 subwoofer Power Supply Not Working


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Hello, this my first post looking for help, I'm working in a SW-110 power supply, there's no voltage on the amp section.

Visual inspection: No damaged components, all look good.

Electrolyric Capacitors: All test good even that, I replaced them with new ones.

Mosfets: All test good.

Fuse: Not blown, No Shorts according with the current limitation lamp.

Power Test: when plugged in, lamp flashes once and the off, 178VDC at the rectifier bridge, 90VDC in each big capacitor, 177VDC at one of the IRF730 mosfet, 0V on the other, 177VDC at the blue capacitor (coupling I guess), 89VDC at pin#3, #4, #5 of the primary winding at the big transformer but, no voltage in the secondary winding (amp section), no 27VDC on the regulators, no 5VDC on the pink resistors, No voltage at the Bash board.

I really need help, I must be missing something, should I have voltage at the secondary winding at the transformer even if there's a problem in the amp section?

How the power on activation work in the Power Supply?

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.




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