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(SOLD): McIntosh MEN220 Excellent Condition

Mighty Favog

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Here's my blurb from a cross-posted site:


The McIntosh MEN220 Room Correction System and 2-Way Crossover. What else can you say about this wonderful piece of engineering from one of the leaders in audio reproduction? This unit is 9 of 10 condition (and I’m being conservative in that grading). Everything that came with the unit from the factory is included with this sale: the unit, power cord, remote, calibrated microphone with cable, original manual with additional printouts, heavy duty original double box and protective foam corners.


To be completely fair, the remote does have very light wear just because…..well….it’s a remote that gets handled. On one of the pictures there is a smudge (not a scratch) on the right side of the unit. I would say if you’re not looking for it or if it’s inside of a cabinet you probably wouldn’t notice it. I haven’t been able to find any other marks on it. This is why I graded it as a 9 of 10. MEN220 Software Ver. 1.3 and Room Perfect Ver. 1.6.


This is a steal of a price! Given that these retail now for $6,000 and that’s on top of a 6 to 7-month wait for delivery if you went to an authorized McIntosh dealer. Best grab this now because these don’t last long on any of the selling sites in the United States.


Sales only to CONUS and I will ship once funds are cleared. Local pick-up is available in West Chester, Ohio (a few miles north of Cincinnati). Buyer pays for shipping (I would strongly suggest and use GROUND shipping).


Price: 3,599 + shipping. Very firm (cause that's what I have in it :) )


Thank you for your attention.







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How strange. They do retail. I was looking for one of these several years ago, but since it was from 2010 or earlier, the internal dac ddc was limited to 24/96. Zero mention of the internal dac being updated in their brochures and odd how it went away for a while and now back for retail under the same name so if they updated anything internally, someone could buy the one from 2010 for the new price without knowing.

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