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Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Recommendations


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1 hour ago, sputnik said:


 Since they stole the design, I wonder if the sellers of these counterfeit chairs would object if you paid them with counterfeit money.  😕

LOL; wish I had thought of that.


Not to justify or debate the concept, I find it interesting the knock offs, which are nearly 100% of the original design, can be retailed for well under $2000 while after 65 years of production, Herman Miller still retails the originals for $5500 or so.  'tis a puzzlement.

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I have 2 Eames knockoffs and both are just too short for me at 5'10". They just don't come up high enough on my back to be comfortable to listen in. While the Plycraft knock off is better/taller, it's still not as great as the more retro chrome Ekhorns stressless chairs I have. The vintage chrome stressless is a bit more minimalist looking, but ultimately a larger chair and will recline to almost flat, with the ability to lock it into a position in recline. 


The original Eames Chairs have very little recline in them and are essentially fixed, while a lot of the vintage knock offs had more recline in them, but they were on a tensioned spring system, that is not able to be locked into a position. 


Here's a link of the Ekhorns Stressless Chrome: 



I got my locally for ~$300 per chair and while they need to be refoamed and recovered, that shouldn't cost more than ~$1000 for both chairs. The vintage Eames knockoffs aren't that hard to recover either, because of how they come apart in panels. 


If you end up likening the Stressless, lemme know and I can check with the guy I bought mine from to see if he has any others. He flip's vintage furniture and gives me really good deals, but we would have to ship it, which couldn't be too bad with Uship and I would be happy to help in any way I can. 

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I'd also be very interested if anyone has info on used eames or other great classic chairs..

I've been thinking about trying to sell my soul to purchase an original "Scandia" chair by Hans Brattrud...

As a newbie in the world of chairs, I'm learning that obviously, people can be very particular about the manufacturer/craftsperson for certain chair designs (perhaps even the lot or batch number...) and "original chairs" or chairs produced by certain high-skilled manufacturers/craftspersons are going to be different than other modern day chairs or potential knock-offs.

That said, you probably know this but Herman Miller currently manufactures the eames chair in a variety of veneers and new it will range from $400-$600.

Here is the link to a reclining furniture store ,OR that sells the eames new for $600.

I have seen used "modern manufactuered" eames running around on the web priced way over the current new price....

but I'm thinking drum, you know all this, and you are probably looking for a beautiful original ; )

so best of luck!

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Here is a classic chair design.


The Sedia 1, designed by Enzo Mari as part of Autoprogettazione, his treatise on inexpensive furniture design.




I built this copy a few years back from Enzo Mari’s plans in his booklet.

it is way more comfortable than I thought it would be but obviously with the hard surfaces not really well suited to very extended sessions.

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On 4/16/2022 at 8:05 AM, RobertB said:

Looking for recommendations for a reproduction model of an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. My budget would be up to $1500. Thanks!





My all time favorite of favorite lounge chairs.... the one all others are measured agains.  Hard to come across that particular Eames lounge chair at a reasonable price; even a beat-up fixxer upper is hard to come by at that price.


I suspect this one is a cheap Chinese knock-off.....   https://www.ebay.com/itm/354287421652?hash=item527d2d08d4:g:~wsAAOSw66tjJ9Zu&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4D%2FXUrzVNup0ZltD2cL0X3OgxLZ4ABJKDYAP9ciJDj%2Bwj4sd5G9alZMc3LOuw57vOpuu9KxysUbyyicEKHB%2BoqESSbXV1LQM0sqnOeHxIPHEhW5T8JZ1tVoRReZ9iOLQxal4O2likqOEj6tOoN8Mlzo4Xtn34ZVCGYQxZ2a1LOlygSPUbWLBeo1%2FjuknihZG2f2gh07Z5B6s5SKLq9MtHsXkbxSCHfMxE57IwKqc3LDEbR%2BUUiCez7paboRegqN4cLN8Hz9oApGQLN4O0A%2Be1l4FAieU3suId2WgIsA2wN5D|tkp%3ABk9SR_C9o9jwYA


Might also consider one of the Stressless lounge chairs with a matching ottoman... I bought a couple of stressless Magic chairs and love them. Especially the wife, she'll get a good book and kick back in the stressless for the rest of the day.



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I picked up one of these off Facebook marketplace last night. Not sure they ever used it, looks and sits like brand new. Paid half of MSRP for it.




it’s supposedly the other brand that’s of the same caliber as the aforementioned iconic chair.


I have never personally seen nor sat in an authentic one. Which means I'm not burdened by any disappointment through comparison. As far as $1600 msrp pieces of furniture go, it seems well built, quality materials, looks good, and is plenty comfy with initial sitting.


Nice leather. Pleasant recline, feels sturdy even with my fat ***. The cushion compresses but doesn't bottom out.

Head rest comes up to about the nape of my neck (I’m 5’11”), which might be a little short for long term tv watching or something. But for long term head phone listening i think it'll be just right.

100% about the style and wanting a comfortable and quality piece of furniture. Don't care about having the brand name or the humble brag rights of ownership.



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Another possible solution for those searching for a comfortable recliner that is actually a well-made designer product, check this one out:




This recliner was developed by the design center of Ekornes parent company, and it has a similar shape and feature set to that familiar brand. The money savings come from a reduced number (four) of color choices red, grey, blue, and green (all in leather only), a single size (probably in between the two Ekornes sizes), and manufacture in Thailand. But this is not a cheap knock-off, it's made with high-quality materials and workmanship like the Ekornes-branded product. The recliner and ottoman set is sold by Costco for $1000, but in the past few years they have occasionally offered it on sale for $800. Some Costco stores have stocked the item in the past, but I've never seen one on display. So when an online sale came up, I pulled the trigger. A few years ago there were complaints about the chairs arriving broken due to inadequate packaging, but the packaging is now superb and my recliner was delivered without a scratch. It's a great chair and should fit most--I'm 6 feet and 185 lbs and I'm very comfortable in it. But if you're a bigger-sized person, it may not be large enough.

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