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FS 1982 La Scala's


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AA crossovers inside which are typically preferred over the AL networks they changed to in this year.


I love these speakers but just do not have a good room for them anymore. I was able to keep them over the winter since windows don't get opened up but since the warm weather has come in these block the only two windows in the room.


$1700 obo





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19 minutes ago, RandyH said:

Lascala Speakers do not come up for sale too often in the NE , a few  pairs at most every year if that ,   GLWyS


Thanks! Yes it took me a while to find them originally because of that reason. I had Heresy II's and Cornwalls which when I finally found the La Scala's I sold the Cornwalls.


Hopefully a fellow New England forum member has been waiting for a pair to crop up and I can make their day. I hate to see them go but I knew this was coming when we moved. I was hoping my better half would come around to having them in the common room where the RB-81 MKii are but she says the La Scala's are "too big" and "the little speakers sound just as good". Hard to argue with that I guess. I still have my 1975 Heresy's in my office so it's not like I am without a nice pair of Heritage speakers. Actually the Heresy's work very well in the office, the La Scala you had to sit back further where the Heresy's my sweet spot is perfect for critical listening. 

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20 hours ago, JBCODD said:

Where are you located?


New England



22 hours ago, Defacto said:

Who needs windows?!?


I was trying to convince myself and my better half to this mantra but to be fully honest the Heresy's beat out the La Scala's in regard to imaging and sound staging. When they were in a larger room (20'x24' with a height of 19' ceiling) at my last house nothing could touch them. Now to my office/music room here at the new house which is only 12'x12' with a ceiling of 8' I don't think the La Scala's have enough room to open up and bloom. I can pull them out from the wall, I had to stand with my back to the rear wall to get the best imaging where I would prefer the sweet spot more towards the middle. The Heresy's just seem to fit this room better especially where I want my listening spot to be. A subwoofer is used for both speakers but I can almost get away without one with the Heresy's, the La Scala just doesn't have enough space for long sound waves to come together. A 50Hz sine wave is 22.3' long!! I believe it's the folded horn that is making the La Scala not work with the room well enough but that's just a theory. With the Heresy's I can adjust them in the corners much better. Overall I hate to say it but matching a speaker to the room is pretty important and although I would love to keep the La Scala's as they are probably some of the best speakers I have ever owned they just are not working well for me and I don't see myself moving ever again until it's to a graveyard.


My ultimate goal is for the living room where I would love to make some electrostatic panels some day and drive them directly from the plate of a transmitting tube. The high voltage potential will set the bias for the panels and there will be no need for an audio transformer in the signal path. The lead household interior designer doesn't mind the looks of the Jazzman version ESL panels I had been researching pictured below but it's going to be years before I can probably pull this project together if at all. One can only dream but for now Klipsch has done me well and my ears are very happy.








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On 4/17/2022 at 3:51 PM, captainbeefheart said:

One can only dream but for now

Hello Captain - In my dream I'm buying your La Scalas. That electrostatic dream (could I do that with a pair of Magnepan SMGa's?) looks very cool but I'm dreaming of La Scalas in my shop. Problem? I'm here - and you're there. Once again I am reminded of the line from that old Walter Egan song, "Just The Wanting" which seems to so often apply to audio:  "... and the joy is in the chase".

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