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Best Vintage Receiver for Vintage La Scalas

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Greetings from the lowlands of Arkansas - home of heavy soil, tall grasses and indestructible bugs!


Just curious, as I begin to upgrade again.


Among these three, which is the best receiver for a pair of beautiful vintage Klipsch La Scalas and why: Marantz 2275, McIntosh 4100 or Yamaha CR2250?


Best wishes.


-Uncle Choppy

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I agree with the suggestion for restoration above, but having said that, all of them are very good receivers and once properly refreshed should sound great with the LS's. If if had to choose one, I'd go with the 4100.

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Not familiar with the Yamaha you mentioned... is that model correct?

I've had a lot of fun with the CR-2040 and Marantz 2330... if going vintage integrated the Yamaha CA-2010 is amazing.

The 2040 has a really nice low end that helps the La Scalas a bit.  I guess it kind of depends on your goals... I listened to vintage receivers usually while doing other things with Cornwalls or Heresy's (garage, bedroom).   I'm not really answering your question but was curious about the Yamaha.   Honestly, I'd like you to try them all yourself and report back with your comparison.  Are your LaScalas stock?  

Have fun!

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