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Ever Have This Happen To You?

Peter P.

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Earlier this week I was down in my basement either working on a bike or working out, listening to my stereo. I usually listen to FM radio.


The system is a Yamaha receiver, output to a kg sw subwoofer, with the high pass outputs connected to a pair of kg 2.2s.


Everything was fine.


On Friday I go down to the basement to work out, turn on the stereo, and only the left channel is working. I can hear the right channel intermittently struggling to do something. Sounds like an intermittent speaker connection issue.


I disconnect the receiver from everything, remove it from the shelf, and make a test setup using one speaker.


I check the speaker connections on the back of the receiver with no change. I check the inputs and outputs on the kg sw. No change. Must be the receiver's internals.

I remove the cover and tap around, hoping to find a bad solder joint or something. Nope.

Using my simple test setup, I learn both channels work. I then ohm out the inputs and outputs of the subwoofer figuring if something is open circuit I'll see a different resistance compared to its sibling. Nope.


I put everything back together except I forgot to connect the kg 2.2s to the subwoofer's output terminals. I fire it up and I can hear the subwoofer doing its job. I  measure the signal voltage at the inputs and outputs of the subwoofer to prove there's no signal lost. Nope; everything looks good.


I reconnect the kg 2.2s, and it works!


No 'splainin', Lucy...

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This stuff happens. Had a u-terminal come disconnected from the speaker wire one time and learned a bit about the idea of "tension over time". A simple bump or just the fact that one day the tension on a wire was the proverbial "last straw" the problem surfaces and is corrected by a cursory inspection of the equipment.

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