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Dampening Klipsch horns for better sound - worth a try?

Josh in DC

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On 2/12/2023 at 4:32 PM, hron61 said:

Rope caulking is what I used on my Forte 1 horns years ago. 

Was a nice improvement, no more harshness.

I had the exact opposite experience with rope caulking my Forte 1 horns, I couldn't get the rope caulk off fast enough.

I use a tube amp for the horns, never had any harshness.

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The Forte I horns may seem harsh to new Klipsch users, but if you've had the Fortes for decades, you tend to like the sound as it is.

I only got into vintage Klipsch horn speakers during the covid shutdown, and damping my Heresy and Chorus mid horns was a substantial improvement with my tube amps. The current lineup of Klipsch Heritage speakers have much better horn designs. 

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